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Fall 2017 Schedule

Please note there are no scheduled Parksville screenings this semester.

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September 28 – In celebration of International Music Day (Oct. 1)

The Music of Strangers

Directed By Morgan Neville
2015 | 96 min | USA|PG
In English, Mandarin & Persian

Come celebrate International Music Day with world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and a host of fantastically talented artists called The Silk Road Ensemble. Blending the best of world sounds, the collective creates unique symphonies that transcend borders and beliefs. At a time when traditions are often perceived at risk, the film shows that bringing strangers together can build global bridges of hope.
Co-hosted by the Department of Music
Guest Speaker: Myron Makepeace

October 5 – In celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Oct. 9)

Elder in the Making

Directed by Chris Hsiung
2015 | 95 min | Canada, USA | Not Rated
In English
A Blackfoot and a 1st generation Chinese Canadian explore indigenous identity and culture in Canada. During their journey, they come to understand that what makes an elder is not age, but open-mindedness and responsibility. The film is inspired by Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society, a group of elders and artists dedicated to bringing indigenous and settler relationships to the forefront.

October 12 – In Celebration of World Food Day (Oct. 16)

Seed: The Untold Story

Directed by Jon Betz & Taggart Siegel
2016 | 94 min | USA | PG
In English, Hindi & Spanish
Not many things are as valuable or essential to humankind as food, most of which is born from tiny treasures of life: seeds. Yet in the last century we have seen a 94% reduction in seed diversity. This documentary follows the journey of a group of seed keepers and their heroic efforts to recover the natural diversity that is the earth’s birthright.
Co-hosted by the Department of Anthropology & Nanaimo Community Gardens Society
Guest Speakers: Dr. Marie Hopwood & Nanaimo Community Gardens Society

October 19

Toni Erdmann

Directed by Maren Ade
2016 | 162 min | Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania | 18A
In German, English & Romanian
This award-winning comedy drama explores the complexity of father-daughter relationships and the ultimate nature of happiness. A quirky music teacher attempts to fix his relationship with his estranged daughter, but his outrageous methods prove a little much for his business-driven offspring who has little time or patience for family. But while she struggles with her father’s re-appearance in her life, something unexpectedly tender happens.

October 26 – In celebration of the Day of the Dead (Oct 31-Nov. 2)

Death Makes Life Possible

Directed by Mark Krigbaum
2013 | 64 min | USA | Not Rated
In English
Death, taboo to so many of us, yet something everyone must face. Join scientist Deepak Chopra and anthropologist Marilyn Schitz as they explore the mysteries of life and death from a variety of perspectives and world traditions. Deeply personal yet universal in scope, the film offers insight into how to die gracefully but more importantly, how to live fully.
Co-hosted by VIU’s Consciousness Studies Group
Guest Speakers: Dr. Rachel Cooper & Les Malbon

November 2 – In celebration of Inuit Day (Nov. 7)

Angry Inuk

Directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril
2016 | 85 min | Canada | PG
In Inuktitut
Seal hunting is an age-old survival strategy among the Inuit that has allowed people to thrive under arctic conditions for thousands of years. But modern waves of criticism coming from the south threaten to bring to an end to the practice on grounds of animal cruelty. Angry Inuk aims to set the record straight by teaching us how seal hunting intricately connects to Inuit life and the well-being of the arctic’s human inhabitants.

November 9 – As a part of World VIU Days and in consideration of Remembrance Day (Nov. 11)

Disturbing the Peace

Directed by Stephen Apkon & Andrew Young
2016 | 87 min | Israel, Palestine, USA | Not Rated
In English
Disturbing the Peace tells the true but unlikely tale of a budding friendship between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters. Born out of a shared desire for peace and a place to call home, this transformative alliance has turned armed combatants into nonviolent activists. Ultimately uplifting, the film also shows the sacrifice and struggles that are involved when real people put down their weapons and open their hearts and minds.
Cohosted by: VIU Education Abroad
Guest Speaker: Mackenzie Sillem

November 16 – In celebration of Republic Day of Brazil (Nov. 15)

Pelé: Birth of a Legend

Directed by Jeffrey Zimbalist & Michael Zimbalist
2016 | 107 min | USA | PG
In English
Pelé. A name known around the world that changed soccer forever. The name of a legend and national hero who carried the hopes and dreams of a country on his back. But before becoming an icon, he was a kid from the slums of São Paulo who was too poor to afford a real soccer ball. Charting his meteoric rise and his unique playing style born of Brazil, this film vividly brings to life the greatest sports story of the 20th century.
Guest Speaker: Dr. David Hopwood

November 23 – In resistance to Black Friday (Nov. 24)

The Queen of Versailles

Directed by Lauren Greenfield
2012 | 100 min | USA, Netherlands, UK, Denmark | PG
In English
The Queen of Versailles tells the true story of a family’s quest to build a 90,000-square-foot mansion inspired by Paris’ Palais de Versailles. It turns out that building the largest single family home in America comes with a few challenges, especially when the US economy and real estate market crash. This film has to be seen to be believed. Only in America folks!
Cohosted by: VIU Faculty Association
Guest Speaker: Chris Jaeger

November 30

The Auction

Directed by Sébastien Pilote
2013 | 111 min | Canada | PG
In French
Gaby is a quiet man content to live out his days on his farm with his dog and his sheep. But the world has other plans, and circumstances force him to sell his home and leave behind the only life he has ever known. The Auction is a classic tale of the conflicts between modern and traditional lifestyles, and those left behind during the transition. A quiet moving film that befits the Quebec countryside that it depicts, its stellar lead performances will leave you in awe.

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