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Fall 2016 Schedule

Please note there are no scheduled Parksville screenings this semester.


A New Understanding: The Science of


Directed by Roslyn Dauber
2015 | 55 min | USA | Not Rated
Can psilocybin, a psychoactive compound found in some mushrooms, therapeutically benefit cancer patients and their families? Can learning to work more skillfully with the dying profoundly alter our understanding of life and death? Filtered through the eyes of patients, their loved ones, therapists, and researchers, this documentary explores the confluence of science and spirituality and discusses the first psychedelic research studies since the 1970s.
Co-hosted by VIU’s Consciousness Studies Group
Guest speaker: Kevin Parker


Director’s Night – Double Feature

Pimachihowan: Living with the Land

Directed by Michael B. MacDonald
2015 | 37 min | Canada | Not Rated
The product of three years of work with mentor Conroy Sewepagaham of Little Red River First Nation, this film explores the traditional Cree philosophy of Pimachihowin, a concept that roughly translates to “living with the land.” A little film with a big agenda, director Michael MacDonald reminds us that “One word from another culture can open the mind to new ways of understanding”.

Letters to Attawapiskat

Directed by Michael B. MacDonald
2016 | 32 min | Canada | Not Rated
The story of tragedy at the Attawapiskat First Nations brings up issues of colonization, truth and reconciliation in a very personal way for a group of hiphoppas in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Co-hosted by the Department of Anthropology

Guest speaker: Director Michael B. MacDonald


The Last Shop Standing

Directed by Pip Piper
2012 | 50 min | UK | Not Rated
Last Shop Standing charts the rapid rise of record shops in the 1960’s, 70s and 80’s, and then their rapid demise as vinyl is replaced first by CDs and then newer technologies that encourage the practice of downloading. Record shop owners, music industry leaders and musicians alike all tell how the shops became and still are a part of their own musical education, a place to cherish and discover new bands and new music. Join us with Guest Speaker Clinton Thornley, owner and operator of the last video shop still standing in Nanaimo … until the end of October that is.

Guest speaker: Clinton Thornley, Owner, Film Buff Video


Infinitely Polar Bear

Directed by Maya Forbes
2015 | 90 min | USA | Rated R
Carmen, a manic-depressive mess of a father, suffers from bipolar disorder. Trying to win back his family, he attempts to take full responsibility of his two spirited daughters so that his estranged wife may return to school and build the career she is craving. Due to his mercurial nature, a series of quirky, funny, and sometimes frightening episodes ensue offering a window into a world at once brilliant and tragic.
Co-hosted by VIU’s Health and Wellness Centre
Guest speakers: Bryan Schultz, VIU Nurse Practitioner, and Art Phipps, Clinical Counsellor

OCTOBER 27 – In celebration of Fair Employment Week

The Divide

Directed by Katharine Round
2016 | 78 min | UK/USA | Not Rated
The Divide lays bare the spectacle of global inequality by taking a sharp look at the super-rich, supra-managerial class whose earnings are so stratospheric, so out of proportion to anything their companies are achieving, that their existence is almost beyond reckoning. Enjoying what Milton Friedman called socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor, their prestige is guaranteed by the state whose grandest politicians yearn to enjoy corporate super-wealth in retirement. Meanwhile, the humbler amongst us are stuck with zero-hours contracts and no job security.
Co-hosted by VIUFA

NOVEMBER 3 – In celebration of World VIU Days

Straight Outta Compton

Directed by F. Gary Gray
2016 | 147 min | USA | Rated 18A
In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton were some of the most dangerous in America. Five young men revolutionized music and pop culture when they told the world the truth about life in the hood. Translating their experiences growing up into brutally honest music, they rebelled against abusive authority and gave an explosive voice to a silenced generation. This is their story.

Co-hosted by VIU’s Faculty of International Education


Embrace of the Serpent

Directed by Ciro Guerra
2015 | 125 min | Colombia | Not Rated
In English, German, Huitoto, Latin, Portuguese, Okaina, Spanish, Tikuna, & Wanano
Embrace tells the story of Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman and last survivor of his people who, over the course of 40 years, builds a friendship with two foreign scientists as they search the Amazon for the sacred Yakruna plant. Filmed in stunning black-and-white, the ravages of colonialism cast a dark shadow over the South American landscape in this blistering and poetic feature inspired by the real-life travels of explorers Theodor Koch-Grünberg and Richard Evans Schultes.
Co-hosted by the Department of Anthropology


RiP! A Remix Manifesto

Directed by Brett Gaylor
2009 | 87 min | Canada | Not Rated
In English and Portugese
Girl Talk is a popular mash-up artist who takes existing songs and transforms them into something fresh and original. By the mere act of creating his popular, sample-based songs, Girl Talk has incurred the wrath of copyright lawyers across the world. While some celebrate Girl Talk as a true pop-culture innovator, others condemn him as a 21st Century media outlaw.
Co-hosted by the Department of Music
Guest speaker: Myron Makepeace, VIU’s Department of Music


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn
2014 | 85 min | USA | Not Rated
An aspiring environmentalist daringly seeks to know the truth about the single most pressing environmental issue of our time. Investigating the impact of animal agriculture on our planet, the film exposes the selfish and often shameless agenda behind some of the world’s biggest and most powerful environmental organizations today. A must see for anyone concerned with sustainability awareness.
Co-hosted by the Faculty of Education’s SHAPE program
Guest speaker: Guy Le Masurier

DECEMBER 1 – In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Touch of the Light

Directed by Jung-chi Chang
2012 | 110 min | Taiwan | Not Rated
In Min Nan & Mandarin
Blind piano prodigy Huang Yu-Siang plays himself in this sweet coming of age story out of Taiwan. The film follows the budding friendship of two aspiring artists, each struggling with low self-esteem and personal handicaps. With music and dance fueling their dreams, together they remind us that love and friendship are powerful forces that can help overcome any limitation.
Co-hosted by VIU’s Disability Services
Guest speaker: Luke Richards, Coordinator, VIU Disability Services

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